1000 on the board

Well around four months or so in to the new blog and we have passed the 1000 hit mark (thanks mum!). Very happy to see that. Hopefully I can increase the information about Aussie beers in the near future. But looking at now I thought I would look at my cellar ;-p and run through it. Yesterday my American order arrived for some very rare beers. It was expensive but I’m pretty happy right now. Here’s what I have –

From my Yankie order –

Lost Abbey Cuvee de Tomee – Aged in Bourbon and Oak Casks for a year with cherries and wild yeast.

Lost Abbey Serpent’s Stout – Huge Imperial Stout from this coveted brewery.

Russian River Consecration – Barrel Aged for six months with currants and wild yeast.

Nectar Ales Black Xantus – Aged in Bourbon Barrels this rare Imperial Stout is limited to 2000 cases.

Alesmith Speedway Stout – I have wanted to try this ever since I got in to ‘good’ beer. Another Imperial Stout!

Port Old Viscosity – Partly Aged and blended Imperial Stout.

From Nectar (Southern Tier now available in Australia!) –

Southern Tier Chocolat – Imperial Stout with Dark Chocolate.

Southern Tier Un*Earthly – Enormous Double IPA.

From Slowbeer –

Rochefort 10 – Best beer in the World IMHO. Brewed by Belgian Trappist Monks.

Zywiec Baltic Porter – A great example of the style.

Also got some other beers that I’m hoping to share  with my good friend this weekend….

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  1. Rochefort 10 is your favourite beer? I’ll need to grab a bottle and give it another try.

  2. It’s a tasty drop..but I’m hoping some of these bees give it a run for it’s money!

  3. bees – bzzzzzzz damn

  4. congrats!
    Out agian tongiht.
    last ngihtwas big. 13000yen!
    Again popeyes finsh tongiht.
    late alte alte!
    Had the consecration for free. very nice but almost champagne gassiness to it.
    S@pecial beers, indeed.
    Got a special beers tasting party in popeyes AGAIn on monday,. will blog about that. make you jeakous. excuse tpyos. really late.

  5. Mondays a public holiday there yeah? I heard bout that popeyes thing should be fun – lots of barrel aged beers yeah? enjoy!

  6. You seem a likely person to ask: This is the question – Do you know who in Australia distributes a Japanese beer called Coedo? I saw it feautured on a documentary shown inflight on a JAL plane last week on the way home from a holiday in Tokyo. I have spent several years in Tokyo, but now live in Sydney with quite a few trips back and forth to Tokyo. Ebisu is perhaps the best of the commercial crop, but it was interesting to see that Coedo, in the documentary I saw, brought their brew out to a food and wine fair in australia, met with a very good response here and were pretty serious about getting into the Australian market.

    I came here after seeing your rating for Coedo on a beer rating site.

    In particular, I like Japanese boutique brews, and actually their commercial drops are perhaps, to me at least, better than a lot of ours.


    • The Coedo range of beers, 5 flavours are available
      in First Choice and Vintage cellars, but you may have to ask in some of the stores

    • G’day Philip. I just spoke to someone who is selling a slab of Coedo at wholesale prices ($35) Based in Melbourne though. Happy to put you through.

  7. Thanks for stopping by Phillip. Unfortunately I have not seen or heard of Coedo beers in Australia. I know the brewery and have had a few of their beers (from my local supermarketin Japan!).

    The only japanese micros i have sean or heard about in Australia are Kinsachi and even then they are outrageously expensive(the aka miso beer retails for $14 dollars!). I know Hizashigo Zake in New Zealand import Baird but thats a private deal I believe.

    Sorry I can’t help, but i will keep my ear to the ground for you…

    • Coedo beer is now in Australia.
      Visit First Choice stores or Vintage Cellars, but depending on the location,you may have to ask at the store if it is not on the shelf

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